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Remnants Of Reminiscent

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Thursday, May 3, 2012


3rd May 2012 ( Thursday ) at 11:53PM

Just a temporary getaway ,
i seek nothing but happiness right now ,
and apparently it's her to decide whether i can be happy ,
for my happiness is actually with her ,
it's gone when she left my side ,
but still ,
i miss her and all ,
I know it's been quite some time since i've updated this blog ,
but it's alright ,
i'll try to update this blog along with my other blog now ,
time after time that is .


You're welcome here anyways ,
and a goodnight to you people .

Disrepute : Shrouded Within The Abyss .

Monday, September 19, 2011


19th September 2011 ( Monday ) At 2:20 AM

Well ,
just for starters ,
it's been ages since i last blogged ,
and this is well ,
a very awkward thing for me to say ,
but apparently me and my beloved baby ,
Ng Wen Xin ,
had broken up as off today .
19th September 2011 ,
2:10AM .
oh well ,
i'm sorry baby for actually giving you so much trouble ,
granting you so much hurt and stuffs ,
i really hope you'll find someone better perhaps ?
but then again ,
i'm selfish ,
i don't wish for you to find another person ,
rather you be single ,
so that i know you'll be taken care of by your friends ,
i'm no longer capable in granting you love ,
no longer able to grant you whatever you need ,
whatever you seek and desire ,
i'm sorry about everything .
sorry that i hurt you so deeply ,
i'm just so sorry ,
but then again ,
Even if i said a million sorry ,
even if i cry till my tear glands went dry ,
even if i cut till i got no more blood to squeeze out ,
you'll never be back anymore ,
well ,
it's the only thing i could say to you now ,
i'm sorry ,
baby .

兴利 文欣
09-06-10 ------ 19-09-11
Parents Of Miyuki and Miracle

Disrepute : Those Flashing Memories .

Monday, May 2, 2011


2nd May 2011 ( Monday ) 

Hah , 
Guess I've succeeded , 
Let go , 
i never deserved to be with you anymore , 
good luck with your life , 
and i wish the best for you , 
I'll be gone , 
Byes . (:

Disrepute : Gone , For Good . 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Only Memory Of You And Me 
That I Carry Around With Me 
To Actually Make Me Feel That
You're Actually By My Side 

23th April 2011 ( Saturday )

Well ,
as all of you know ,
i'm Single ,
My life's in a great mess and turmoil ,
i dread about the future now ,
and whenever i look back into the past ,
the pictures that we've taken together ,
those chat logs ,
i really missed them ,
you're ignoring me now ,
there's bound to be a purpose ,
but be it good or bad ,
i don't wish to know but ,
i just want the best for you ,
Over the past 10 months ,
we've indeed changed a lot as a couple ,
think about it ,
beginning we're so sweet with one another ,
so loving ,
everything seemed to be fine ,
the most lovable couple there is ,
but now ,
it's all gone ,
we're just one step to be back at square one ,
whereby we're both ,
Strangers .
Please don't leave me ,
i don't wish for you to ,
i'm typing this at 2:05am ,
hoping that you'll get a chance to even stumble upon this ,
but well ,
you'll probably be hating me when you get to see this ,
i don't know but well ,
Things would be better for you i suppose ,
without me by your side no longer ,
there's bound to be another guy that's better than me ,
that treats you better ,
that treasure you ,
that put you as his priority .
I know i've been hurting you ever since God knows when ,
but i don't mean it ,
everything that i'm saying doesn't mean a thing now i suppose ,
after all ,
What's done is already done ,
it can no longer be undone ,
I doubt i'll make it through the mid-year examination ,
which is next week ,
i've yet to study ,
feeling so hopeless over you ,
feeling so terrible ,
filled with misery ,
but well ,
it doesn't matter i suppose ,
when you get to see this ,
you would've moved on ,
you would've lost everything you once had towards me ,
And i ,
would be missing your presence ,
your every actions and memories ,
I hate to say this ,
but my life's hell without you ,
i never really realized it ,
but as times go by ,
we seem to have neglected one another ,
oh wait  ,
it's just me ,
i seemed to have not noticed ,
what's the actual reason why we're together ,
never really cherished you ,
that's a fact ,
until you're gone ,
that's when i realized that ,
All these fucking times ,
i've yet treasured you ,
it's a little too late huh ?
How stupid of me to realize it only when you're gone ,
but well ,
nothing can be done right now ,
nothing can be undone either ,
We're gone ,
10 months ,
though it's short to me ,
but the length of the relationship doesn't matter ,
what matters .....
is the process of the relationship ,
and i hope you would still carry those memories you have of me ,
with you till this day and age ,
hoping that when you'll reminiscent about me over certain stuffs ,
hoping that you'll still put me as someone that has once changed you ,
someone that has once made you happy ,
granted you with everything you wanted ,
and i hereby wish you ,
for a better future ,
you'll find someone better ,
that i'm certain of ,
because you deserve someone much better than the this pathetic ass ,
oh well ,
enough said .
I'm Gone .

兴利 ♥ 文欣 09-06-10
Parents Of Miyuki and Miracle .

Disrepute : Remnants Filled With Our Past .  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My awesome sister , 
that is always there for me no matter what , 
Next Chill ftw . 

11th March 2011 ( Friday ) 

Ah , 
Cross country today , 
and well i didn't participate in the run because i was so busy cheering , 
than i kinda like ,
forgotten about the race , 
how awesome , 
oh well , 
there wasn't any cheering competition due to the fucking rain , 
that totally ruined it , 
c'mon it's the last year for me , 
can't you at least let me lead Mitchell house to victory , 
oh well , 
went to some nearby blocks and smoke than after that , 
than cabbed back home , 
rested at home and stuff like that than never really did anything , 
went to find sister to ask her help me buy drinks , 
than well in the end ended up never buy , 
than traveled all the way to East Coast Park , 
meet my classmates there for the class BBQ , 
oh well i reached there first faster than the rest and stuff , 
than i just waited at my bicycle stall yea ,
not long later they reached and i just brought them to the shop , 
rented out bicycles and started cycling to Changi , 
but well , 
some obstacles happened in between that made me need to travel back , 
oh well ~ 
was stuck at the BBQ pit with Joey , 
Huiting and Wanyong ,
than Kaijie came not long later , 
than we tried starting the fire , 
blahblahblah , 
some time later the fire started and i called our beloved teacher Mr Joseph Lim ,
to come down and enjoy the food and stuff , 
everything was going perfect ! :D
rain didn't come and shit , 
and we took many many photos and enjoyed a lot for the BBQ , 
manage to eat till quite full man !
after that ton with a few of my classmates . (:

Day 275 . 

12th March 2011 ( Saturday ) 

Went to Kallang Shopping Centre to play pool , 
play play play halfway honeh came over , 
than i went with honeh to rounding , 
blah blah blah , 
than i went back to my classmates who are @ ECP , 
than slacked with them , 
halfway need to go home and stuff , 
reached home only at 5 AM ++
baby waited for me , 
i'm sorry . ;/

- Afternoon - 
woke up and well , 
never really did anything , 
just continued sleeping till it's like 6pm , 
than went to my grandma's for dinner , 
dinner liao than went back home , 
nothing much uh , 
Time to sleep ! :D

Day 276 . 

Words Of Wisdom

Well i can't say that i don't love you anymore , 
or my love have decreased over the months , 
but well i just have to concentrate on my studies , 
i know sometimes when i said i would study , 
i end up going out with my friends , 
but well i don't do that everytime , 
baby , 
please understand that i'm actually very jealous of you flirting with guys , 
i'm like , 
very pissed off with you actually , 
but i told you to do everything you want to anger me before my birthday , 
so i can't blame you or anything like that , 
i really love you a lot , 
i wish don't wish to lose you , 
but well judging by our current circumstance , 
we're about to lose one another soon , 
i don't wish for that to happen baby , 
I'm fully aware that you are messaging sweet stuffs to other boys , 
giving them heartshapes and stuffs like that , 
but i have faith in you , 
seriously i felt like slapping you at times for actually doing stuffs , 
that i don't really want you to do . 
but well , 
all you wanted from me was just my attention which i never gave , 
i'm utterly sorry about that , 
hais , 
That's all that i can say to you my love , 
Believing in my words depends on you , 
i'll never let go of you despite the fact i keep say we'll end , 
i really want you to stay with me . 
I Love You . 

Disrepute : Changes Between Us That Cause Us To Drift . 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 9th Monthsary to you my baby !

It came about as an mistake ,
we added me by mistake ,
thinking that i'm the expected person you're suppose to add friends with ,
but well this already started our oncoming relationship ,
added you on MSN and chat with you every single day without fail ,
and before i knew it i actually fell for you ,
which is kinda ridiculous for me because it's like ,
i've never met you before and i don't know you at all ,
but you're in the same school as my friends ,
i asked my friends about you and your character back then ,
time after time ,
but well I still remember our first meeting ,
pretty fucked up if i were to say ,
but well it's still naise !
Hahahaha ,
well 1 month after knowing one another ,
we've been together ever since and now ,
we've already walked this path together for 9 long months ,
don't you think it's worthwhile being with me ?
despite me letting you shed tears for me and everything ,
I still love you and i hope you do !

9 months of conflict and love ,
it's really a shame if we ever let go of this relationship ,
if we were to go our separate ways one day baby ,
please remember you had this awesome boyfriend ,
this not-so-romantic boyfriend that doesn't plan our outings !
Love you oh baby ! :D

Day 273 . 

Disrepute : A Love By Mistake . 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Find this kinda nice ,
Don't know about other people's views on it !


3rd March 2011 ( Thursday ) 

Well , 
went out to find honeh at night yea . (:
Went over to Tampines to find her @ Koi . 
than after that we went about talking about stuffs while waiting for his brother , 
after shaowei reached , 
took one huge round and fetched Jerrold , 
after that we went over to Sengkang , 
technically just slacked there until we went over to a coffeeshop , 
get my stomach some food and stuff , 
and well after that ,
took the car to another around in Sengkang , 
which had a basketball court , 
and well waited for the arrival of Kenji and Damien , 
and so they both came , 
than we played Basketball altogether !
yea kinda stupid but well , 
it's cool yea !
after the basketball game we went over to Pasir Ris to fetch Shawn , 
and than it was a long fucking cold expressway for me . ):
reached home and immediately went to sleep yea , 
nothing much really ,  
day ends , 
Next day begins ! (:

Day 267 . 

4th March 2011 ( Friday ) 

Awesome , 
ended school at 1pm and just went home immediately , 
well upon reaching home i technically just slept through my day ,
until around 8pm plus yea , 
than went over to 108 Basketball court to find Gary , 
well slacked a while and stuff , 
than we ate together , 
after that i slacked a while with Jun xian bro and Quan yin sis , 
than i went home to entertain Gary and mong xi , 
than after that we played psp together until around 6am ! 
than we had our morning breakfast at the nearby market , 
after that i went home and sleep yea , 
for 4 hours . 

Day 268 . 


5th March 2011 ( Saturday ) 

3 hours later and i'm awake , 
11 AM , 
fuck and baby came over to find me , 
immediately went over to Macpherson MRT station to fetch her over , 
than well she's at my house , 
we technically just slept together on my bed until around 1pm , 
than baby and me was hungry and we went to buy lunch , 
i bought for my sister and mom too . (:
see how good of a son i am ? 
oh well , 
after eating lunch , 
it started raining so heavily all of a sudden , 
and we're trapped at home , ):
only left house at 5pm , 
left for Chinese Garden , 
and we took some photos there and quite a few on the MRT , 
and well i've learnt somethings from baby , 
love her so much oh ! <3
hehehe :D
well after leaving baby i went over to Bugis and meet up with Kenneth , 
and the crew of my MT team *W.G* 
Ah , 
than we had dinner at big bird , 
met some new members and stuff yea , 
than after that we went and played a bit of arcade here and there , 
managed to play one of the map with the team match of us with -WMR- , 
well after that i left them and met Dickson at Aljunied MRT , 
went to Sakura @ Lorong 27 and yea , 
waited for the arrival of Matthew and honeh , 
so yea , 
after that we're drinking @ Sakura , 
till around Tower was finished , 
and well we ate mee siam downstairs and slacked a bit here and there , 
and i went home via car ,
reached home at 4am . 
and yea , 

Day 269 . 

6th March 2011 ( Sunday ) 

Stayed at home all day ! 
cooked Mee pok at home and ate while watching One Piece , 
it's awesome ! :D
and well , 
slacked with Quanyin sis a while and after that went home , 
before i knew it , 
sis had some problems and i went over to find her , 
and comfort her a bit here and there , 
than after that went to collect my Charger from Jun Xian bro , 
after that went home and started studying on maths , 
in the end i still don't understand . ): 
well i did quarreled with my girlfriend today and feel so fucked up , 
but well , 
we're fine now yea , 
hah , 
I fucking love our relationship . (:

Day 270 . 

Memories @ Chinese Garden ! :D


Disrepute : I'll Never Ever Give Up On You . 

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